Sophie Alessandre



Favorite Songs

Favorite Movies

AGE: 12 while filming
BIRTHDAY: Oct 13th - Scary!
~Never be normal!~
Sophie Alessandre
COLOR: Purple
ACTOR: Johnny Deep
ACTRESS: Julia Roberts
BOOK: Clique series
FOOD: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream!
"Hips Don't Lie"
"Sugar We're Going Down"
The Notebook
Pirates of the Caribbean
Filmmakers thoughts:
With her first speaking role in a motion picture, Sophie did not hold back. She is a very talented young lady who amazed me as well as others in the cast and those that have viewed the rough cut of film. I thank God regularly that the original person cast as Anna dropped out! What seemed, at the time, to be a tragedy, ended up bringing new life to the film. She was only 12 at the time we filmed Inside the Locket, yet her professionalism stood out. I would hire her again in a heart beat. She came ready to work and she was willing and able to change her delivery as needed. She is very much a - go with the flow - actress. When the schedule needed to change or additional scenes were needed, her response was, I’ll be there. She was a delight to work with and I hope I have the pleasure of working with her again. She is playful while on the site, yet when it’s time to work she delivers. I enjoyed my time with Sophie and I look forward to seeing her work develop as an actress. Her parents would be the envy of any production team. While they did watch out for her welfare, they were able to balance the needs of the production as well.

While the creation of this page was not in our contract, I felt compelled to add it to the film’s website. There were a number of talented members in the cast, but it was Sophie, I worked with nearly every day and I’m grateful to have not only worked with her, but to know her. Just as one’s first love holds special meaning for life, my first film will also and with it, the talents and person of Sophie Alessandre.

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